Discover the world of German watch making with its ambitious brands and outstanding time pieces. Browse through a sweeping list of more than 100 German watch manufacturers. Read more about famous locations of German watch making and its interesting and formative history.

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German Watches – Timepieces Made in Germany

German watches gain more and more popularity these days as Germany is again a renown center of international watch production and manufacturing. Watches made in Germany do not need to fear comparison, although they compete in all price ranges against established manufacturers worldwide.

The renaissance of the German watch industry is a mere 25 years ago. Since the German reunification in 1990, a multi-layered German watch scene has formed and grown rapidly. Nowadays, more than 100 watch manufacturers and producers develop and build their timepieces in Germany – to some extent with the support of the perfectly organized Swiss supply industry, but also increasingly from their own creative and constructive craftmanship
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Brand: Botta-Design

German watch brand Botta-Design offers not only formal but also technical durability. To attain this goal, only the very finest materials and components are used. Botta-Design mounts exclusively “Swiss-made” movements from renowned Swiss manufacturers ETA and Ronda.