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    Finest Manufacturers of German Watches

    Arctos · Aristo · Chronoswiss · Haemmer · Junkers · Kadloo · Kienzle · Kadloo · Kronsegler · Laco · Porsche Design · Gardè · Teno · Zeppelin

German watch brands gain more and more popularity as Germany is again a center of international renown watch manufacturing. German watches do not need to fear comparison, although they compete in all price ranges against strong competition worldwide. The renaissance of the German watch industry is a mere 20 years ago. Since the reunion of West and East Germany, a multi-layered German watches scene has formed. About 100 German watches manufacturers develop and produce their timepieces - to some extent with the support of the perfectly organized Swiss supply industry, but also increasingly from their own creative and constructive craftmanship > List of German watch manufacturers.


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